General information

Travelling in Vienna

The transportation system in Vienna is well-developed. To take advantage of it, you have to buy a ticket online or over the counter in Vienna.  Depending on how you’re planning your stay, there are different tickets you can buy.

Here’s the ticket guide for the transportation system, listing all the offered tickets.

Possible routes by using the public transport system

download: Airport to NURIS

download: Main Railway Station to NURIS


To bare in mind

Electrical outlet plugs

There are 2 types of electrical outlet plugs in use in Vienna:


Type C




Type F



If you have a different plug type, please take an adapter plug with you!


The laptops for your presentation will be placed at your disposal at the auditorium. We use ‘Windows’ Software, so please make sure that your files/presentations/movies and so on are compatible with the software.