Here you can download the Presentation of the NURIS 2015 conference


Martin Gerzabek Opening of the NURIS Conference (Video)
Andreas Molin Welcome Adress at the NURIS Conference (Video)
Wolfgang Renneberg Welcome Adress at the NURIS Conference (Video)


Gregory Jaczko The Risk Reality and Future of Nuclear Power (Presentation)
The Risk Reality and Future of Nuclear Power (Video)
Satoshi Sato True Lessons Learned from Fukushima Accident to be Shared Internationally (Presentation)
True Lessons Learned from Fukushima Accident to be Shared Internationally (Video)
Richard Adams Risk, Public Opinion and EU Energy Policy (Presentation)

Session 1 -
The Future of Nuclear Energy

Antony Froggatt World Nuclear Industry Status Reports
Stephen Thomas Economic bottlenecks for the further development of nuclear technology
Paul Dorfman Potential challanges concerning State Aid procedures relating to the implementation of EC competition policy
Nikolaus Arnold/ Klaus Gufler The Future of Nuclear Fuel Supply
Wolfgang Kromp Evaluation of a hypothetical nuclear Renaissance
Yudha Pratama The Intersection of Islamic Groups and Nuclear Experts in Indonesia’s Nuclear Power Controversy
Gustav Resch Renewable Energies vs Nuclear Power – Comparing Financial Support
Helga Kromp-Kolb Climate Change Adaption Needs for Nuclear Installations


Session 2 - Fukushima

Christian Küppers Radiological Situation in Japan after the Fukushima Accident
Mitsuhiko Tanaka About the Possibility of 1F1 IC Piping Breakage due to the Earthquake Jolts
Gueorgi Kastchiev Status of the Fukushima Daiichi Site and the remaining risks
George Vayssier Severe Accident Management – Lessons Still to be Learned from Fukushima Daiichi
Sonja Schmid Planning for the Worst – Organizational Approaches to Severe Accident Response
Christoph Pistner A comparison of the Events at Fukushima Daini and Daiichi


Session 3 - Proliferation Risks

Wolfgang Liebert Is the current non-proliferation regime adequate to deal with the ambivalence of nuclear technologies and materials?
Matthias Englert Ambivalence and Weaponless Deterrence – The Intricate Story How Centrifuges Spin the World


Session 4 - Nuclear technology and Risks of old and new reactors

Ilse Tweer The risk of material degradation
Dieter Majer Operational Risks of old Nuclear Power Plants in Switzerland
Helmut Mayer Risk of Uncontrollable Re-Criticality due to a Steam Generator Tube Rupture
Helmut Hirsch Safety of VVER-1200 V491 – Application of WENRA Safety Objectives
Lothar Hahn Phenomena in the operation history of the AVR experimental reactor
M. V. Ramana Accident Risks for High Temperature Reactors
Rainer Moormann Decommissioning problems of German pebble bed reactors
Nikolaus Müllner Impact of Climate Change on Safety of European NPPs
Yves Marignac Problems of long term operation of french nuclear power plants
Jiaqun Wang Risk-informed Design Optimization for the China LEAd-based Research Reactor


Session 5 - Regulation, Risk governance and transparency

Andreas Molin Opportunities and limitations for a non-nuclear country – the case of Austria
Gerrit Niehaus Transparency-Experience of a Regulator
Wolfgang Renneberg Limits of experience feedback in the nuclear community
Manfred Mertins The new German Safety Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants in the view of international standards
Oda Becker Review of the National Action Plans
Michael Weixelbraun International black out experience and potential power grid black outs
John Downer Disowning Fukushima-Managing the Credibility of Nuclear Reliability Assessment In The Wake Of Disaster


Session 6 - Radiation Protection

Tim Deere-Jones An independant analysis of UK Nuclear Industry and UK government agency research on the behaviour and fate of sea discharged radioactive waste
Franz Josef Maringer Decomissioning, clearance levels and acceptance criteria – requirements and standards
Theodoros Christoudias Global risk model for the atmospheric dispersion of radionuclides by nuclear power plant accidents
Petra Seibert Climatological assessment of nuclear accident risks and hazards in Europe


Session 7 - Waste Management

Christine Anvegard The Review of the Swedish Spent Fuel Repository License Application
Christoph Pistner Partitioning and Transmutation
Jochen Ahlswede Nuclear disposal in Germany – Risks and Chances for the new site selection process
Günter Hillebrand Nuclear Waste Management-Challenges for Austria


Poster Presentations

Ichizo Aoki Probability Distribution of Radioactive Fallout in the Nuclear Power Plant Accidents
Ilya Zhuravlev Uranium Prices: Chaos and Order
Tim Deere-Jones An analytical review of issues of concern arising from the maritime transport of radioactive materials from INF 3 through to IMDG 7.
Jin Wang Probabilistic Safety Goal and Reliability Performance Index for Fusion Reactor
Ilya Zhuravlev Long-term stochastic forecasting of the nuclear technology global market